Treatment planning

There are four phases to restoring an edentulous area with an implant prosthesis; treatment planning, surgical placement, impression taking and try in/delivery of the prosthesis. This article will explain procedures during the treatment planning phase.

The patient will need to fill out a medical history form if not already on file. A standard intraoral examination including perio probing if aplicable, peri apical x-rays and or panograhic x-rays need to be taken. Full arch impressions of both arches with alginate or an equivalent material are the first step to complete the diagnostic phase prior to implant placement. The impressions should be void and distortion free to produce void and distortion free stone models. Maxillary impressions have to cover the palatal area to reproduce all of the palatal anatomy. Stone models poured from the initial impressions have to be substantial enough to survive the rigors of shipping from and to the dental laboratory and surgical office. The patient my be refered to the hygiene department following the initial exam to complete the first patient appointment.

A laboratory Rx nedds to be filled out in detail for the dental technichian with instructions for the diagnostic wax up or base plate and wax rims depending on the type of planned future implant restoration. To enhance the diagnostic value of the services provided by the technichian it is best to forward a copy of any x-rays taken to the technichian in addition to the impressions or already poured models.

The patient may be refered to to the surgeon to initiate the surgical process. Patient medical histories provided by the patient, copys of any x-rays taken during the initial exam and findings of the intraoral exam need to be passed along to the surgeons office.