External hex implants

Fig. 1

Final screws for externally hexed implant abutments are universally interchangeable. Three different final screw designs are available and need to be purchased separately from the abutment. Gold-Tite® screws are titanium screws with a gold plated surface and either with a square (Fig.1, A) or hexed (Fig.1, B, 0.048) head. The square head Gold-Tite® screw (catalog # UNISG) is torqued to 35Ncm whereas the hexed Gold-Tite® screw (catalog # UNIHG) is only torqued to 20Ncm. The titanium screw without gold plating (Fig1,C, catalog # UNIHT) has a hex head configuration and torqued to 20Ncm. Laboratory screws are available in two different configurations for 4.1, 5.0, and 6.0mmmm platform implants as a 5 pack (Fig.1, bottom row, left, catalog # UNITS) and for 3.4mm platform, micro mini implants (Fig.1, bottom row, right, catalog # MUNITS).

Certain® internal hex implants

Fig. 2

Final screws for internally hexed implant abutments are not universally interchangeable. GingiHue® abutments and indexed UCLAs either use Gold-Tite® screws (Fig.2, A, catalog # IUNIHG) or plain titanium screws (Fig.2, B, catalog # IUNIHT) and need to be purchased separately from the apropriate abutment. Lab screws (Fig.2, second row, catalog # IUNITS) for Gold-Tite® abutments and indexed UCLA's may be purchased as a 5 pack. Non indexed UCLA Gold-Tite® screws (Fig.2, C, catalog # ILRGHG) are packaged as a kit with the UCLA and only used for this abutment. Uncoated final screws for non indexed UCLA's may alse be utilised as lab screws (Fig.2, D, catalog # ILRGHT).

Fig. 3

ZiReal® abutments are delivered as kit with their own final screw (Fig.3, E, catalog # IZSHG) and lab screw (Fig.3, second row left). Custom zirconia abutments produced through the Encode® healing abutment/impression coping system and milled at Biomet 3i™ Bella Tek® require a special Gold-Tite® screw (Fig.3, F, catalog # ICZGS). Lab screws (Fig.3, second row right, catalog # ICZTIS) for the afore mentioned Encode®/Bella Tek® zirconia abutment need to be purchased separately. Encode®/Bella Tek® custom titanium abutments are fastened with catalog number IUNIHG. Gold-Tite® screws are titanium screws with a gold plated surface and a hexed (0.048) head. All Gold-Tite® screws are torqued to 20Ncm.