Veneered UCLAs

The main reason to fabricate custom abutments are miss aligned implants, excessive tissue above the implant abutment interface and in cases where a specific emergence profile of the abutment is requested by the dentist. A custom abutment can also be opaqued and veneered with porcelain in cases where there are no zirconia abutments available for the particular implant diameter or brand at hand.

Engaging UCLAs

Custom abutments are waxed and cast with engaging UCLAs. Choose appropriate platform diameter UCLAs from the implant manufacturer or clone parts. All plastic, gold plastic combinations or titanium plastic combinations are available for custom abutments. All plastic parts are considerably cheaper but sacrifice the precision fit of gold plastic combinations or titanium plastic combination UCLAs. Titanium plastic combination UCLAs provide greater precision at attractive price points but the bond between the cast on metal and the titanium base is far less predictable than the bond between a gold base and the cast on precious metal.