Expanded Brand Comparison

Manufacturer Implant System Features Score
  Multi Coping Color Coding 100% Zirconia  
Astra 3.0 No No No 0
Astra 3.5-4.0 No No Yes 1
Astra 4.5-5.0 No No Yes 1
Bicon No No No 0
BioHorizons® External Hex Yes Yes Yes 3
BioHorizons® Internal Yes Yes Yes 3
BioHorizons® Tapered Yes Yes Yes 3
Biomet 3i™ External Hex No Yes No 1
Biomet 3i™ Certain® No Yes No 1
Camlog™ No Yes No 1
Dentsply Ankylos® C No No Yes 1
Dentsply Ankylos® X No No Yes 1
Dentsply Friadent No Yes No 1
Imtec® 3M Endure™ No No No 0
Implant Direct™ Yes Yes No 2
Sybron Pitt Easy No No No 0
Keystone Prima™ No Yes Yes 2
Keystone Renova® No No No 0
Keystone Restore® No Yes No 1
Keystone Restore® 3.3 No Yes No 1
NobelActive™ No Yes Yes 2
Nobel Brånemark No No Yes 1
NobelReplace™* No Yes Yes 2
Straumann® Bone Level No Yes No 1
Straumann® Tissue Level No Yes No 1
Zimmer® Yes Yes No 2

1.Multi coping used as implant carrier (fixture mount), impression coping and final abutment. (1 Pont)
2.Color coding for each diameter within the implant system. (1 Point)
3.A through and through zirconia abutment will allow for screw retained all ceramic restorations as well as baking porcelain on to the abutment to accommodate emergence profiles. (1 Point)
*Metal converter can be removed from zirconia abutment.