Astra Tech TOOLS

Torque Wrench

The multi torque setting torque wrench (catalog # 24075) may be set at 10, 15, 20 and 25Ncm.

Hex Driver

Two latch type 0.050 hex drivers are produced in lengths of 24mm (catalog # 22548) and 34mm (catalog # 22549 ) for a surgical motor. Three hand drivers are offered in lengths of 20mm (catalog # 22514), 31mm (catalog # 22515) and 43mm (catalog # 22516 ).

Implant Driver

Implants are packaged without fixture mount and the implant drivers engage the implant directly from the implant packaging. Osseospeed™ and Osseospeed™ Profile implants utilize different drivers and should not be interchanged. Each Osseospeed™ implant platform (implant/abutment interface diameter) requires its own dedicated driver. 3.0 platform implant drives are color coded yellow and available as a 19mm (catalog # 25007) and 28mm (catalog # 25008) length version. 3.5/4.0 platform drivers are color coded aqua and also produced in two lengths of 19mm (catalog # 25009) and 28mm (catalog # 25010). 4.5/5.0 platform drivers are color coded lilac and offered in lengths of 20mm (catalog # 25011) and 28mm (catalog # 25012 ).
Osseospeed™ Profile implant drivers are fabricated in lengths of 24mm (catalog # 25059) and 32mm (catalog #25058). All drivers are machined with a hexagonal shank, serving as a position indicator. The flat of the hex should line up with the buccal/labial once the implant is fully seated.

Depth Gauge (osteotomy)

The osteotomy depth gauge may be utilized to verify the osseous depth created with the osteotomy drills. The tip of the gauge is not placed in the center of the osteotomy for depth verification but rather at the bottom of the side wall of the osteotomy. this is due to the V-shaped tip of the drills and measuring at the center of the osteotomy may produce a false reading, resulting in a insufficient osteotomy depth.

Depth Gauge (tissue)

The tissue depth gauge serves as a measuring instrument to determine tissue depth above the installed implant. Each end of the gauge is dedicated to 3.5/4.0 or 4.5/5.0 platform implants only. After removal of any cover screws or healing abutments, the corresponding platform end of the gauge is pushed inside the implant and depth markers at 1mm interval determine the tissue depth.