Camlog™ and Conelog® PROSTHETIC TOOLS


Fig. 1

Camlog™ implants and components are distributed through Henry Schein® in the USA.

The reversible torque wrench (Fig.1, catalog # J5320.1030) has a fluid adjustment range from 10Ncm up to 30Ncm. Only tool attachments made by Camlog™ may be attached to the torque wrench due to the propriatary connector geometry. A variety of hex drivers and miscellaneous tool attachments are offered from Camlog™ for this torque wrench.

Fig. 2

Hex screw drivers for the torque wrench are offered in three lengths of 14.5mm (Fig.2, left, catalog # J5316.0510), 22.5mm (Fig.2, middlecatalog # J5316.0501) and 30.3mm (Fig.2, right, catalog # J5316.0502). The hex drivers

Fig. 3

for the torque wrench may also be used by itself as a manual hex driver.
Latch type 0.050 hex drivers for a surgical motor are produced in lengths of 18mm (Fig.3, left, catalog # J5316.0504) and 26mm (Fig.3, right, catalog # J5316.0503). All cover screws, healing abutments, impression coping screws and prosthetic abutment screws are serviced with a 0.050 hex driver.


Fig. 4

The abutment removal device (disconnector) aides in the removal of installed abutments since the abutments friction fit in to the implants. Removal of installed abutments may be difficult and damaging to the osseo integrated state of implants without this tool. The fixation screw of the abutment needs to be completely removed from the abutment before utilizing the removal tool. Two implant platform specific disconnectors are produced for the Conelog® implant system. 3.3, 3.8 and 4.3mm platform diameter implants are serviced with catalog # C5300.1601 (Fig.4, left) and 5.0mm platform diameter implants are serviced with catalog # C5300.2001 (Fig.4, right).

Images courtesy of Camlog Biotechnologies AG