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Ankylos® C/X

Fig. 1

Ankylos® implant drills are internally cooled, latch type drills and may be used up to 20 times. Most drills are laser etched to indicate the drill depth (Fig.1) on the cutting surface of the drill. The V-Factor of the drills creates a osteotomy depth of up to 0.8mm deeper than indicated by the depth marks on the drills. Four types of drills are utilized to create a appropriately dimensioned osteotomy, pilot, Tri-Spade, conical reamers and tap drills.

A two millimeter diameter twist drill is utilized as a pilot drill.

Fig. 2

Tri-Spade (twist) drills create the desired osteotomy diameter and depth. Each Tri-Spade drill is color and letter coded to indicate the osteotomy diameter, red (3.5mm, "A"), yellow (4.5mm, "B") and blue (5.5mm, "C"). 7mm (green, "D") drills for 7mm implants are designed differently with two cutting flutes only. Tri-Spade drills are produced in four lengths (Fig.1) designated as XS (max. 8mm depth), S (max. 14mm depth), M (all implant lengths) and L (all implant lengths). 7mm diameter drills are offered in three lengths as XS, S and M. The drills are used sequentially in ascending drill diameter (Fig.2) depending on the desired final osteotomy diameter.

Fig. 3

Conical reamers are color and letter coded. These drills create a tapered osteotomy shape specific to each implant. 8mm, 9.5, 11, 14 and 17mm length implants require their own designated conical reamer (Fig.3, 3.5mm "A" shown)! 3.5mm ("A") and 4.5mm ("B") diameter reamers are produced as a latch type drill version and as a manual version for the ratchet while 5.5mm ("C") and 7mm ("D") diameter reamers are only offered for the ratchet. The manufacturer suggests a counter clock wise rotation of the reamers in low density bone (D3, D4) to condense the bone rather than removing bone with a clock wise rotation. Maximum recommended speed; 15rpm.

Fig. 4

Tap drills are color and letter coded. These drills are mandatory in type D1 and D2 bone. As with conical reamers, 3.5mm ("A") and 4.5mm ("B") diameter tap drills are offered as a latch type and for the manual ratchet while 5.5mm ('C") and 7mm ("D") diameter tap drills are only available for the manual ratchet. Tap drills are produced in one length for each diameter (Fig.4) with depth markers at 8, 9.5, 11, 14 and 17mm. Maximum recommended speed; 15rpm.

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