Ankylos® C/X

Fig. 1

Two ratchets are produced for the Ankylos® system. One for surgical use and one for prosthetic use. Neither of the two ratchets function as a torque wrench by itself, task specific inserts are required to transform each ratchet in to a functioning torque wrench. The surgical ratchet catalog number is 31033030 (Fig.1, left) and the catalog number for the prosthetic ratchet is 31033630 (Fig.1, right).

Fig. 2

Ratchet insert
The ratchet insert is offered in three lengths, short (Fig.2, left, catalog # 31033070), medium (Fig.2, middle, catalog # 31033080) and long (Fig.2, right, catalog # 31033090). This device is inserted in to the ratchet and serves as a coupling agent for conical reamers and bone taps. After the reamer and tap are engaged in to the insert and the insert is fitted to the receptacle of the ratchet, tools may be utilized manually with the wrench as needed.

Ratchet insert handle (manual)
The ratchet insert handle (not pictured, catalog # 31033040) may be utilized instead of the complete ratchet to construct a manual driver for conical reamers and bone taps. Engage the ratchet insert in to the handle and the reamer or bone tap in to the ratchet insert to complete the manual driver.

Fig. 3

Seating instrument
The seating instrument (Fig.3) enables the surgeon to drive the implant in to the osteotomy without the pre installed cover screw and fixture mount in place. Two latch type drivers, short (catalog # 310387541) and long (catalog # 31037543) are available and three drivers for the surgical ratchet. Ratchet operated seating instruments are produced in three lengths, short (catalog # 31037531), medium (catalog # 31037532) and long (catalog # 31037533).

Fig. 4

Cover screw removal instrument
The cover screw removal instrument is produced as a short (Fig.4, left, catalog # 31033434) and long (Fig.4, right, catalog # 31033435) version. Both drivers are latch type and may be operated with a surgical motor or manually with the screw driver handle. The cover screw engaging portion of the cover screw removal instrument is not a hex but rather a friction fit design. Driving the instrument in a counter clock wise direction in to the cover screw will disengage and unscrew the cover screw from the implant.

Hex screw driver

Fig. 5

Two latch type, one millimeter hexagon screw drivers (Fig.5) are offered by Ankylos®, one short (catalog # 31033456) and one long (catalog # 31033455). Both drivers may be operated manually with the dedicated screw driver handle.

Handle for screw driver(manual)
The handle for screw drivers may couple with any standard latch type driver or tool, converting any latch type instrument in to a manual tool. Two handle diameters are available, one 7mm (Fig.5, catalog # 31033410) and one 12mm (catalog # 31033415) diameter.

Fig. 6

Standard abutment driver (manual)
The standard abutment driver is specifically designed for straight standard abutments only. Two versions are produced, one for "A" (3.3mm, catalog # 31033471, Fig.6, left) abutment emergence profile diameters and one for "B" (4.5mm, catalog # 31033481, Fig.6, right) abutment emergence profile diameters. Each driver is only suitable for its intended abutment emergence profile diameter.

Fig. 7

Positioning key for pre angled standard abutments
The positioning key (Fig.7, catalog # 31033485) for pre angled standard abutments enables the operator to align the angle of the abutment intra orally in a prostheticly favorable position while torqueing the fixation screw of the angled standard abutment. A ring at each end of the positioning tool engages either "A" (3.3mm) or "B" (4.5mm) type emergence profile diameter pre angled standard abutments.

Fig. 8

Torque limiter
One millimeter hex drivers for the prosthetic wrench are offered in two torque versions of 15Ncm and 10Ncm. The 15Ncm hex driver is produced in two lengths, short (Fig.8, left, catalog # 31033625) and long (Fig.8, right, catalog # 31033628). 10Ncm hex drivers are only available in one length (short, catalog # 31033626).

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