Nobel Biocare™ ANALOGS


Fig. 1

(fixture level, internal hex)

Two fixture level analogs are available for this product group. NP (3.5mm, catalog # 34243, Fig. 1, left) analogs are color coded through a fuchsia colored anodization at the very edge of the abutment/analog interface. RP and WP implants share the same analog because both diameter implants implant/abutment interface is machined to the same exact dimensions. Therefore only one analog is available for both diameters. RP/WP (4.3, 4.9mm, catalog # 34244, Fig.1, right) analogs are not color coded themselves, only the packaging for the analogs provides color (yellow/blue) coded identification.

Brånemark System™

Fig. 2

(fixture level, external hex)

Three implant/abutment platform diameter specific fixture level analogs are produced for this product group. No color coding of any kind is part of this system. Analogs are identified on the packaging as NP (3.5mm platform, catalog #31158, Fig. 2, left), RP (4.1mm platform, catalog # 31159, Fig. 2, middle) and WP (5.0mm platform, catalog # 31160, Fig. 2, right). RP platform diameter analogs are compatible with many other implant manufacturers 4.1mm external hex analogs.

NobelReplace™, Replace™ Select

(fixture level, internal tri-lobe)

Fig. 3

Four implant/abutment platform specific fixture level analogs (Fig. 3) are produced for this product group. The color coding identification system is expressed through four different colors and the coloring is applied to the analog/abutment interface. Fuchsia represents the NP (3.5mm, catalog # 29498) platform, yellow indicates the RP (4.3mm, catalog # 29500) platform, blue denotes the WP (5.0mm, catalog # 29502) platform and green signals the 6.0mm platform (catalog # 29995, there is no lettering designation for 6.0 implant components).


Fig. 4

(abutment level, all Nobel implant systems)

Sanappy™ analogs are produced in four diameters and two heights of 4mm (Fig. 4) and 5.5mm (Fig. 5). NP Snappy™ analogs are color coded fuchsia, RP analogs are yellow, WP analogs are blue and 6.0 Snappy™ analogs are anodized green for identification. A number printed on the abutment portion of the analog indicates the abutment height.

Fig. 5

The number four denotes a 4mm height while the number 5 followed by a dash designates a 5.5mm abutment height. Although NP and RP Snappy™ analogs are color coded differently, they are machined to the same abutment portion dimensions, making the analogs interchangeable regardless of NP or RP designation.

All images courtesy of Nobel Biocare™