Torque Wrench

Fig. 1

A spring pin attached to the torque device is pulled away from the main body of the device until the desired torque value is reached. A torque value indicator welded at 90° in relation to the spring pin is marked at 35Ncm and 45Ncm. The titanium nitrate anodized surgical torque wrench (Fig.1, catalog # 34568) has a fluid torque range of 35Ncm to 70Ncm.

Implant Driver

Fig. 2

Implant drivers are used to pick up the implant from the packaging, deliver the implant to the surgical site and drive the implant in to the osteotomy. Latch type versions are utilized with a surgical motor and square head implant drivers are used with the manual torque wrench. Each implant system has its own implant platform specific implant drivers and the drivers are not interchangeable from implant system to implant system.

NobelActive™ (internal hex) implant drivers are only offered as latch type drivers (Fig.2). NP and RP/WP drivers are engineered in two lengths of 28mm and 36mm each. The shaft of the latch type driver is marked with the platform designation (NP, RP) and the length of the driver for identification.

Fig. 3

Brånemark System™ and NobelSpeedy™ (both external hex) implant drivers are offered in two lengths (26, 36mm) for NP (3.5mm) platform implants as latch type (Fig.3) and 21mm square head drivers (Fig.3). RP (4.1mm) platform drivers are available in lengths of 21, 26 and 34mm as latch type and 12 and 21mm as square head drivers. WP (5.0mm) platform drivers are available in lengths of 21 and 26mm as latch type and 12mm as square head drivers.

Fig. 4

NobelReplace™, Replace™ Select, NobelSpeedy™ Replace (internal tri lobe) implant drivers are only offered as latch type drivers. NP, RP, WP and 6.0 drivers are manufactured in two lengths, "short" (Fig.4 left) and "long" (Fig.4 right) each. The hub of the latch type driver is marked with a colored dot to designate the platform diameter NP (fuchsia), RP (yellow), WP (blue) and 6.0 (green).

Screw Driver

Fig. 5

Unigrip™ screw drivers are produced with a titanium nitrate anodized driver tip as latch type (Fig.5 left) and manual versions (Fig.5 middle). Latch type drivers are available in four lengths of 20, 25, 30 and 35mm while manual Unigrip™ drivers are offered in three lengths of 20, 28 and 36mm. A single 0.036" hex driver (Fig.5 right, catalog # DIB 097-0) for external hex implant/abutment interface implant cover screws and healing abutments completes the screw driver product assortment.


Fig. 6

A drill extender (Fig.6 left, catalog # 29164) for latch type drills and tools is part of the Nobel Biocare ™product offering as well as a direction indicator pin (Fig.6 right, catalog # 32112). The direction indicator pin may be used to verify the angulation of the initial osteotomy before enlarging the osteotomy to the final diameter.

All images courtesy of Nobel Biocare™