Straumann® ANALOGS

Tissue level and tapered effect implant

Fig. 1

Fixture level implant analogs are available for all three platform diameters (NN 3.5, RN 4.8, WN 6.5mm) and can be identified through apparent size differences, connection type (external, internal) and 4.8mm platform analogs are marked with a red color band (Fig.1 middle). NN analogs (Fig.1 left)are machined with a external octagon corresponding to the actual implant. RN and WN analogs have a internal octagon of different size and are not interchangeable from the 4.8mm platform to the 6.5mm platform (Fig.1 right) and vice versa.

Fig. 2

Abutment level analogs are offered only for RN and WN implants and represent a installed solid abutment and the platform of the implant. Three color coded abutment level analogs are produced for RN platform (Fig.2 top row) implants correlating to the three possible height solid abutments. Yellow embodies a 4mm height abutment, gray equates to a 5.5mm height abutment and blue conforms to a 7mm abutment. WN solid abutment analogs are provided in two color coded iterations (Fig.2 bottom row) concurrent with the two WN solid abutment heights offered. Green correlates to a 4mm abutment height and brown coheres to a 5.5mm solid abutment height.

Bone level implant

Fig. 3

Two color coded fixture level analogs (Fig.3) are presented delineating the two platform diameters (NC, RC). A yellow band denotes the NC platform and a purple band defines the RC implant platform.

Abutment level analogs (Fig.4) are manufactured in four different versions for each platform diameter corresponding to the "cementable" abutment emergence profile (3.5, 5.0, 6.5mm) and abutment height (4mm, 5.5mm). All abutment level analogs are color coded in accordance to the previously mentioned possible dimension combinations. NC analogs (Fig.4 top row)are coded

Fig. 4

NC analogs (Fig.4 top row) are coded blue (3.5mm) or yellow (5mm) to signify the emergence profile and either a black or white color band to identify the abutment height (4mm, 5mm). RC analogs (Fig.4 bottom row) are coded yellow (5mm) or brown (6.5mm) to signify the emergence profile and either a black or white color band to identify the abutment height (4mm, 5mm). To further differentiate the analogs, each NC analog is inscribed with the letters "NC" and RC analogs are inscribed with the letters "RC".

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