Straumann® DRILLS

Tissue level and tapered effect implant

Fig. 1

Externally cooled, latch type, single use and multi use drills are offered from Straumann®. Single use twist drill sets (Fig.1) are color coded (blue 2.2, orange 2.8, red 3.5, green 4.2mm) according to the drill diameter and depth markings (Fig.2) are etched on the cutting portion of the drills. Three different multi use drill sets are available to accommodate the three different implant body diameters (3.3, 4.1, 4.8mm).

Multi use twist drills are not color coded but imprinted with the catalog number of the drill and the diameter of the osteotomy created by the drill. Straumann® recommends multi use

Fig. 2

drills be used up to ten times before replacement. Both, single and multi use types are available in long (41mm) and short (33mm) versions with markings to indicate 6, 8, 10, 12mm osteotomy depths and long drills are marked at 14 and 16mm in addition to the aforementioned depth markings. Twist drill diameters are 2.2, 2.8, 3.5, 4.1mm and sequenced in conjunction with the implant body diameter.

Fig. 3

Depending on the type of implant configuration (Standard, Standard Plus, Tapered Effect) in addition to the individual patient tissue thickness and esthetic considerations, the crestal bone might need to be profiled to effect a favorable implant position. The depth markers on the twist drills will accommodate insertion of a corresponding length implant up to the smooth collar/surface roughened area (Fig.3, left) junction in to the bone and the collar above the crest of the bone. An additional 2mm osteotomy depth needs to be created from the beginning of the drill sequence and bone profiling drills are required to achieve countersinking of the implant up to the shoulder of the implant (Fig.3, right). Bone profiling drills are optional

Fig. 4

for standard (S) implants but standard plus (SP) and tapered effect (TE) implants mandate the use of profiling drills.

Profiling drills (Fig.4) are available as a short (25mm) and long (37mm) version for S and SP type implants. Each implant body diameter (3.3, 4.1, 4.8mm) demand their own specific bone profiling drill. TE implants have their own set of profiling drills and are not interchangeable with S or SP type implants but follow the same implant body diameter configuration.

Fig. 5

Bone taps (Fig.5) are offered for each implant body diameter and are also implant type (S/ SP or TE) specific. Tapping is carried out as required according to the implant site distinct bone quality, either with a ratchet by hand or with a surgical motor at 15 rpm after any profiling of the bone crest. TE taps are compatible with the bone level (BL) implant product line from Straumann®

Bone level implant

The same pilot and twist drills are utilized for bone level implants and tissue level implants (S, SP) with the exception of bone profiling drills. Tap drills are borrowed from Straumanns tapered effect (TE) product line.

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