Fig. 1

The ratchet (Fig.1 top, catalog #046.119) itself has no torque control mechanism. A torque direction selector at the end of the ratchet can be turned 180 ° to change the direction of the torque only. A secondary component called a "Torque control device" is coupled to the ratchet to form a complete torque wrench.
Torque device
The torque control device (Fig.1 bottom, catalog # 046.049) once coupled to the ratchet transforms the ratchet in to a complete torque wrench. A spring pin attached to the torque device is pushed away from the main body of the device until the desired torque value is reached. A torque value indicator welded at 90 ° in relation to the spring pin is marked at 10, 20 and 30Ncm.

Fig. 2

SCS screw drivers are produced in three lengths (15, 21, 27mm) for the Straumann® ratchet. Latch type SCS drivers (Fig.2, middle)for a handpiece are available in three lengths (20, 26, 32mm) as well. Regular neck (RN) solid abutments are delivered with a dedicated abutment driver (Fig.2, right) offered in two lengths (13, 19mm). Solid abutment drivers can only be utilized with a Straumann® ratchet.

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