Straumann® IMPLANTS

Tissue level implant

Fig. 1

Straumann® implants are available in grade 4 titanium and Rxoloid®. The implant body is machined with parallel walls and an outside buttress thread design. A machined collar (Fig.1) of 2.8mm (Standard) or 1.8mm (Standard Plus) separates the implant/abutment interface from the surface treated implant body portion. Surface roughening is achieved through large grit sand-blasting with corundum particles followed by acid etching, branded as SLA® surface.

A surface enhancement called SLActive® is an option available in addition to the SLA® surface treatment.

Fig. 2

The SLActive® surface has less surface tension and increases hydrophilic properties (wetability) intended to attract blood cells. SLActive® treated implants are stored and shipped in a vial filled with an isotonic liquid (salt water) to preserve the reduced surface tension qualities of the implant.

The implant/abutment indexing feature is either machined as a external octagon (Fig.2 left) or an internal octagon (Fig.2 middle and right, Fig.3). External hex implants referred to as narrow neck implant (NN) are only available with a 3.3mm body diameter and a 3.5mm implant/abutment platform as Standard Plus (1.8mm machined neck) in four lengths (8, 10, 12, 14mm).

Fig. 3

Internal octagon implants are further divided in to two implant/abutment platform diameters of 4.8mm and 6.5mm (Fig.2 middle and right). 4.8mm platform implants are called regular neck (RN) and are offered with implant body diameters of 3.3, 4.1 and 4.8mm in lengths of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16mm. 6.5mm platform implants are referred to as wide neck implants (WN) and available in one implant body diameter of 4.8mm in four possible lengths of 6, 8, 10 and 12mm.

Fig. 4

The Narrow Neck Crossfit™ (NNC) implant (Fig.4) is made of the titanium alloy Rxoloid® with a body diameter of 3.3mm and a implant/abutment interface diameter of 3.5mm. The body geometry mirrors the bone level design (see below) with parallel walls and an increased number of reverse buttress threads compared to the tissue level implant line. Available in four lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm with the advanced SLActive® surface treatment only. Each implant is machined with a 1.8mm polished neck area and the familiar Crossfit® internal implant to abutment connection but with an external bevel borrowed from the tissue level implant design.

Tapered Effect (TE) implant

Fig. 5

Tapered effect implants are a sub category of tissue level implants with similar features as tissue level implants. Two platform diameter (4.8, 6.5mm) internal octagon implants in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14mm with a 1.8mm (Standard Plus) machined neck comprise the tapered effect implant offering.

4.8mm platform (RN) diameter implants are machined in two (3.3, 4.1mm) body diameters (Fig.5 left and middle) and 6.5mm platform (WN) diameter implants are available in only one (4.8mm) body diameter (Fig.5 right). The distinguishing signature feature of tapered effect implants is the flared out implant body at the top third of the implant. This flare is surface treated and the external threads are carried almost to the beginning of the machined surface of the neck, effectively increasing the number of threads on the implant body.

Standard Plus Short Implant

Fig. 6

The SPS Implant (Fig. 6) is a combination of the proven tissue level implant design married to the bone level implant thread geometry. Implants are machined with the familiar Standard Plus (SP) 1.8mm height machined collar and synOcta® abutment to implant connection type. These implants are only offered in the Rxoloid® material and SLActive® surface treatment. The SLActive® surface treated and threaded area is 4mm long. Each implant is packaged with the Loxim™ transfer piece (fixture mount). Implant diameters are produced in two diameters of 4.1 and 4.8mm. The 4.1mm diameter implant is available with the 4.8mm (RN, Fig. 6 "A") implant/abutment connection diameter while the the 4.8mm body diameter implant is offered with the 4.8mm (RN, Fig. 6 "B") and 6.5mm (WN, Fig. 6 "C") implant/abutment connection.

Bone level implant

Fig. 7

Bone level implants are machined out of grade four titanium and a parallel body geometry with a outside buttress thread design, available in two (3.3, 4.1mm) implant/abutment platform diameters. The 3.3mm platform is called "Narrow Connection" (NC) and the 4.1mm platform is referred to as "Regular Connection" (RC).

Narrow connection implants (Fig.6 left) are only offered with a 3.3 implant body diameter whereas the regular connection implant (Fig.7 middle and right) is available with a 4.1mm implant body diameter and a 4.8mm implant body diameter. Four lengths (8, 10, 12, 14mm) for all three body diameters are offered.

Fig. 8

The implant/abutment connection feature differs from tissue level and tapered effect implants and is not compatible with either one. A quadrigon (square) is the signature indexing feature of bone level implants, called CrossFit™ (Fig.8).

Bone level implants do not have a machined collar and the surface roughening is carried all the way to the implant/abutment connection. Both, SLA® and SLActive® surface treatments are available for bone level implants.

Ceramic Implant Monotype (CIM)

Fig. 9

The CIM Implant (Fig.9) is produced with yttrium stabilized zirconium, hafnium dioxide and aluminum oxide. Abutment portion and implant body are a singular entity and can not be sepparated. A 1.8mm height polished collar is machined in to the coronal portion of the implant while the implant body surface is roughened through zirconia particle blasting and acid wash technology (ZLA™). The implant body is parallel walled with integrated buttres threads similar to the titanim bone level implants offered by Straumann®. This similarity enables the surgeon to utilize the same drills as for the same size bone level implants. The diameter of of the implant body is 4.1mm and flares to 4.8mm at the neck of the implant. Data about the lengths available has not been published as of now. The abutment height is offered in two heights of 4.0 and 5.5mm.

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