Straumann® SCREWS

Tissue level and tapered effect implant

Fig. 1

All Straumann® implant prosthetic screws require a special SCS (Screw Carrying System) driver tip. Narrow neck implant (NN, 3.5mm) abutment screws (Fig.1 right, catalog #049.177) are identified through their yellow color and only work in combination with NN implants and NN prosthetic components. Custom ceramic NN abutments necessitate catalog # 048.353 (Fig.2 left). NN abutment screws are replaceable for all NN prosthetics in case of screw failure.

Fig. 2

Regular neck (RN, 4.8mm) and wide neck (WN, 6.5mm) platform prosthetic components share the same screw dimensions (Fig.2). SynOcta® straight and pre angled stock abutments are designed with a "trapped" screw and are not replaceable in case the screw fails.
Only gold copings (UCLA) and custom ceramic abutments have separate and replaceable screws. Fixture level UCLA's utilize a "basal" screw (Fig.2 right, catalog #048.356) and UCLA's for synOcta® 1.5 abutments require a "SCS occlusal screw" (Fig.2 middle, catalog #048.350). Basal screws have a tapered head profile and should not be used with prosthetic components intended for SCS screws and vice versa. Custom ceramic RN abutments necessitate catalog # 048.354 (Fig.2 left).

Bone level implant

Fig. 3

All Straumann® implant prosthetic screws require a special SCS (Screw Carrying System) driver tip. Screws can be removed and replaced from the abutments in case of damage or failure. The color coding scheme follows the color coding implementation of the implant/abutment platform diameter. Narrow connection (NC) screws (Fig.3) can be identified through their yellow colored screw head and regular connection (RC) abutment screws (Fig.4) are colored purple at the screw head. Screws can not be interchanged from platform diameter to platform diameter and specific screw designs have to be utilized for specific abutments and platform diameters.

Fig. 4

NC gold abutments (UCLA), anatomic, Meso and Multi-Base abutments require the same screw (Fig.3 left, catalog # 025.2900). Cementable NC abutments utilize catalog # 025.2908 (Fig.2 middle) and custom NC ceramic abutments mandate catalog # 025.2906 (Fig.3 right) as final screw. RC indexed gold abutments (UCLA), anatomic, Meso and Multi-Base abutments employ catalog # 025.4900 (Fig.4 left) and non indexed gold abutments (UCLA) command catalog # 025.4902 (Fig.4 right). Cementable abutments require catalog # 025.4908 (Fig.4 second column) and custom ceramic RC abutments necessitate catalog # 025.4906 (Fig.4 third column).

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