Barrier membranes are either made with a resorbable or non resorbable material to protect and prevent epithelial cell ingrowth in to the graft site. The origin of the collagen matrix material can be human, bovine, porcine or synthetic. Membranes are tacked in place with resorbable or non resorbable tacks over the graft, sutured or just tucked under the soft tissue. Resorbtion rates range from a few weeks to several month.

Barrier membrane suppliers

BioHorizons® -Allograft: AlloDerm, AlloDerm GBR, Xenograft: Mem-Lok
Biomet 3i™ -Xenograft: OsseoGuard®
Dentsply -Xenograft: OsteoShield™
Imtec® -Alloplast: BioBarrier™, BioCellect™, Xenograft: BioSorb™
Keystone -Xenograft: DynaMatrix™
Zimmer® -Xenograft: BioMend®, BioMend® Extend, CopiOs®, Allograft: Puros® Pericardium