Locator abutments

Overdentures can be divided in to two categories, type "A" and type "B". A type "A" overdenture is the most simple and a preexisting denture may be retrofitted to engage the attachment abutments. Another benefit for the type

Bredent bar

"A" overdenture is that it can conform to a limited inter arch space situation. The attachment abutments screw directly to the implant and come in several configurations, from Locator, ERA and o-ring.

Depending on the type of attachment the implants need to be placed quite parallel with the exception of Locators which can accommodate up to 20 degrees of divergence. All attachments come in different collar height configurations to adapt to varying tissue depths around the implant.

Hader bar

A type "B" overdenture consists of a traditional cast bar or milled titanium bar to which a denture will attach itself. These bars can be designed as a hader bar or with attachments. Almost any kind of stud style attachment can be utilized for a bar.

Locator bar

Due to height requirements of the bar substructure and the attachments, interarch space dimensions need to be carefully evaluated during the treatment planning phase. The bar type set up can compensate for divergent implant angulation better than a type "A" overdenture set up.