LocatorĀ® abutments

Attachment type abutments screw directly on to the implant. The implants need to be quite parallel (10 degrees of divergence or less) for this set up to work successfully with the exception of Locator attachment abutments which can accommodate divergent implants up to 20 degrees. Choose the same type of attachment (Locator, O-ring type, Bredent a.o.) for all the implants on the same case. This will make future maintenance much more manageable.

LocatorĀ® collar height

Attachment abutments are machined with different collar heights. Depending on the tissue thickness above the implant, choose a collar height that will allow the attachment portion of the abutment to be above the tissue. The male or female counterpart embedded in the denture should not impinge on the tissue around the implant once the denture is fully seated.