Zirconia frame

The success of screw retained all ceramic restorations depends in large part on the correct implant placement. Screw access holes for anterior restorations need to emerge through the lingual aspect of the restoration without being angled toward the labial. Egress of the screw access hole for posterior restorations needs to be dead center of the occlusal surface without being angled towards the buccal or lingual.

Single restoration

100% Zirconia

Single unit all ceramic screw retained restorations can only be achieved either with a 100 percent zirconia abutment or the metal indexing feature has to be removable. Not all implant brands offer zirconia abutments of this kind. Third party (Atlantis) and in some instances competitors (Nobel Biocare) can mill through and through custom zirconia abutments for this purpose.

Splinted restoration

Zirconia interface

Screw retained all ceramic bridges need to be milled out of a single block of zirconia. The bridge frame work has to be first designed in acrylic with temporary abutments and tried in the patients mouth to verify passive fit. A zirconia bridge, once milled can not be adjusted in case of poor seating and ill fit. Few manufacturers (Nobel Procera) can produce zirconia frameworks for a screw retained bridge.