PART SELECTION (screw retained)

Castable UCLAs

The basic building block for all metal based screw retained restorations is a UCLA or also called cast on abutment. UCLAs are either manufactured with a machined metal abutment to implant interface and a plastic tube processed to the metal interface or all plastic. Some manufacturers machine the metal interface out of titanium or a gold alloy. The gold alloy interface will result in a better cast on bond than a titanium interface. A all plastic UCLA is considerably cheaper than a gold plastic combination but it sacrifices the precision fit of machined UCLAs. Choose appropriate platform diameter abutments from the original implant manufacturer or clone parts.

Indexed UCLA

Single restoration

UCLA abutments for single restorations have a anti rotational indexing feature that engages the implant directly just like stock titanium abutments. Engaging UCLAs can also be appropriated for the manufacture of cast custom abutments.

Non indexed UCLA

Splinted restoration

UCLA abutments for splinted restorations do not directly engage the indexing aspect of the implant. Non indexing UCLAs can only be used for splinted frameworks.