1. Single tooth replacement

One implant is placed surgically in the missing tooth area. A post is screwed on to the implant and a crown is fastened over the post. Another option would be to screw the replacement tooth directly on to the implant, bypassing a separate post.

2.Multiple tooth replacement

Two or more implants are inserted and the bridge is fastened to the implant posts or screwed directly to the implants.

3.Replacing a whole jaw with teeth

A preexisting denture can be held in place more securely by placing just two implants. The denture is still removable but without the troubling looseness. Another option would be to insert multiple implants and connect the implants with a titanium bar. The denture will "hook" then on to the bar. The more implants are placed the more secure the denture will be. To get the full function, looks and feeling of your "own" teeth back without covering your palate, a bridge can be made that fastens permanently to five or more implants, depending on your specific situation.