Reflecting on the outlined implant design considerations it is now possible to divide implant systems in to four distinct groups. "Class A" implant systems have all of the nine crucial attributes. A "Class B" system has all but one of the design features. "Class C" systems have two elements missing and "Class D" three or more aspects amiss (Brand comparison chart). The following classification is by no means all inclusive of all available implant systems but includes the market leaders at this point in time. Others will be added as they become more relevant.

Class A Systems

  1. BioHorizons®: external hex, Internal, Tapered
  2. Keystone, Prima™
  3. Zimmer®

Class B Systems

  1. Biomet 3i™, external hex, Certain®
  2. Implant Direct™
  3. NobelActive™, Brånemark, NobelReplace™

Class C Systems

  1. Astra 3.5-4.0, 4.5-5.0
  2. Camlog™
  3. Dentsply, Friadent
  4. Imtec® 3M, Endure™
  5. Keystone, Renova®, Restore®
  6. Straumann®, bone level

Class D Systems*

  1. Straumann®, tissue level
  2. Astra 3.0
  3. Dentsply, Ankylos® C, Ankylos® X
  4. Bicon

* Implant brands within class D systems are ordered from highest point value to lowest point value.
Additional desirable implant features are discussed in the supplementary expanded design considerations.