Regular neck (RN 4.8mm platform)   Wide neck (WN 6.5mm platform
  Determine implant platform diameter and solid abutment height through the surgical report or color coding of the actual abutment.  
  Order appropriate impression basket and positioning cylinder from Straumann®. Impression component kits including the basket, positioning cylinder and analog are available from the manufacturer (RN 4mm abutment, yellow, catalog # 040.381), (RN 5.5mm abutment, gray, catalog # 040.383), (RN 7mm abutment, blue, catalog # 040.382), (WN 4mm abutment, green, catalog # 040.380), (WN 5.5mm abutment, brown, catalog # 040.384)  
  Remove any comfort caps or temporaries present on the abutment and identify the flat side machined on to the abutment and the relationship of the flat side in relation to the surrounding landmarks. Snap on the white impression basket and rotate the basket along its long axis to ensure the basket is fully seated.  
  Push the color coded positioning cylinder inside the white basket over the abutment while correlating the flat side of the abutment with the flat side inside the positioning cylinder. A nub on top of the positioning cylinder indicates the position of the flat side inside the positioning cylinder.  
  Ensure the positioning cylinder is pushed in until it is flush with the top of the white basket and the basket has not been dislodged from the implant shoulder during this procedure.  
  Syringe impression material around the impression coping assembly while the assistant loads a full arch tray with impression material.  
  Seat the impression tray in the patients mouth over the coping assembly and let the impression material set.  
  Remove the impression tray from the patient and inspect the impression. The impression coping assembly should be embedded in the impression material without any voids around the assembly or impression material inside the coping. Impression material inside the coping indicates incomplete seating of the assembly during impression taking.