Ultimate Brands to Choose

Combining all accumulated points from the brand comparison chart and from the expanded brand comparison chart can have significant consequences in regards to manufacturers rating in relation to their implants. Although there is only one Class A brand, any of the brands in Class B and C should give you predictable and satisfactory results as some manufacturers shortcomings can be overcome by third party part vendors.

Class A Systems

  1. BioHorizons®: external hex, Internal, Tapered internal

Class B Systems

  1. Keystone, Prima™
  2. Zimmer®

Class C Systems

  1. Implant Direct™
  2. NobelActive™, NobelReplace™

Class D Systems*

  1. Biomet 3i™ external hex, Certain®
  2. Nobel, Brånemark
  3. Astra 3.5-40, 4.5-5.0
  4. Camlog™
  5. Dentsply, Friadent
  6. Keystone, Restore®
  7. Straumann®, Bonelevel
  8. Keystone, Renova®
  9. Straumann®, Tissue level
  10. Dentsply, Ankylos® X
  11. Imtec® 3M, Endure™
  12. Astra 3.0
  13. Dentsply, Ankylos® C
  14. Bicon

* Implant brands within class D systems are ordered from highest point value to lowest point value.